The EHCU PR team works feverishly to connect our clients and campaigns to large audiences of influencers, business owners, idea makers, consumers and other really cool niche groups - which means we are constantly finding (and creating) new opportunities that drive interactions for various industries.  The #OpportunityReport is a bi-weekly e-newsletter that shares our research, marketing tips, local events, business and community news - more than 3000 San Antonio professionals and entrepreneurs have joined this list since 2013. 

The #OpportunityReport is a trusted resource for:
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs (especially SWMBE businesses)
  • Community resource organizations and nonprofits
  • Influencers and bloggers
  • Central Texas professionals

Look for news and updates about:
  • Networking events
  • GoodPeopleSA Community Mixer
  • Professional One-On-One PR Coaching
  • EHCU PR client events 
  • Local business building, community-enhancing news
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