What is the #OpportunityReport?
Great question!

The BethanyEast PR team works feverishly to connect our clients and campaigns to large audiences of influencers, business owners, idea makers, consumers and other really cool niche groups - which means we are constantly finding (and creating) new opportunities that drive interactions for various industries.  

The #OpportunityReport is a trusted resource for THREE main audiences:
  1. Business owners and entrepreneurs, and affiliate agencies, resources and organizations
  2. Local community influencers, i.e. journalists, bloggers, news media and avid sharers 
  3. Central Texas professionals and organizations seeking to gain brand introductions to niche consumer markets.
Which audience group do you fit in?
Signing up to receive the monthly #OpportunityReport means you'll get the inside scoop on new projects BethanyEast PR is working on, can't miss events that can increase your network's net worth, and tips on how to better manage your marketing goals throughout the year!  Read it, share it, and get involved - we'd love to work with you! 

NEW! #BEASTvestors - special shares for small business partners, investors, and coaches!
#BEASTvestors is BethanyEast PR's newest endeavor in building better communication and partnerships between our growing network of entrepreneurs and top executives.  Birthed during the 2017 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit the #BEASTvestors section of the #OpportunityReport will be a "seeking" section, where our readers can engage directly with each other and hopefully scale products, services, projects, and locales.  #BeTheBeast
View old #OpportunityReport editions at www.bethanyeastpr.com
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